Sustainable High Performance Data Centers

leveraging excess renewable energy into the energy-intensive computing industry

Iris Energy is building out a network of regional data centers with access to low-cost, sustainable power.

We offer solutions to applications with very high processing power requirements such as blockchain security, edge and high performance computing.
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Genomics & Research
  • Farming
  • Rendering / Visualization
  • Smart Cities (IoT)
  • Oil & Gas Reservoir Simulation
  • Weather Forecasts

Proven and Emerging Computing Applications

We run application-specific machines that provide computing power to different applications, including blockchain security, edge and AI computing.

Vertically Integrated​

Iris Energy includes in-house design, build and operation capability with its purpose-built data center factory.

State-of-the-Art Modular Data Center Solutions

PodTech MegaPod is a power-efficient proprietary modular data center capable of hosting a variety of servers.

Global Operations

Iris Energy flagship project is located in Canal Flats, British Columbia, Canada where it currently operates 6MW of power and is set to grow up to 100MW.

With offices in the Vancouver, Sydney & London.

Creating Community

“Their (Iris Energy’s) commitment to their global position in this field is second-to-none, their commitment to the community is absolutely second-to-none and they plan on creating a lot more job growth here in Canal Flats and continuing to be leaders in this field of technology,” 

Karl Sterzer, Mayor of Canal Flats.

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