Bitcoin Mining.
Done Sustainably.
Bitcoin Mining.
Done Thoughtfully.
Bitcoin Mining.
Done Right.

We build, own and operate data centers and electrical infrastructure to mine Bitcoin.
We’ve been mining it using the right kind of energy since 2019.

Introducing sustainably-mined bitcoin by Iris Energy.

Bitcoin Mining. Done Right.

Powering Progress. Protecting the Planet.

The data centers we own
and operate help us support
our local communities.

See how we do it

The computers we use to
secure the global Bitcoin
network are predominantly
powered by renewable energy.

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The future we’re
building is powered
by leaders with deep
industry expertise.

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How it works
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Renewable energy
Powers GREEN_Arrow
Provides GREEN_Arrow
Provides GREEN_Arrow
Delivers GREEN_Arrow
Network security
support to a Bitcoin
mining pool
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Monetises GREEN_Arrow
Daily Bitcoin and
transaction fees to
Iris Energy
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