27 August 2021

Iris Energy Expands Contracted Nameplate Bitcoin Mining Capacity to 15.2 EH/s

Agreement to acquire the latest generation and best-in-class efficiency Antminer S19j Pro bitcoin mining hardware, increasing contracted nameplate hashrate from 4.5 EH/s (~170MW) to 15.2 EH/s (~530MW)

Iris Energy is pleased to announce that it has contracted a partnership with Bitmain, the world’s leading producer of cryptocurrency mining hardware, to purchase the company’s latest-generation miners, Antminer S19j Pro.

After the successful delivery and installation of miners, it will increase Iris Energy’s total operating hashrate by 10.7 EH/s. The delivery plan for the procurement of miners will begin in October 2022 and be fully delivered by September 2023.

As a result, Iris Energy now has 15.2 EH/s of computing power operating and/or on order, with nameplate hardware efficiency of approximately 30 W/TH (watts per terahash).

Read Media Release here.

Glossary “Bitcoin” is a type of digital currency in which a record of transactions is maintained and new units of currency are generated by the computational solution of mathematical problems (known as “Bitcoin mining”), and which operates independently of a central bank. “Hashrate” is a measure of the computational power per second used when mining Bitcoin. It is measured in units of hash/second, meaning how many calculations per second can be performed. “PH/s” refers to Petahash per second and “EH/s” refers to Exahash per second.
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