IrisEnergy Press Release 2020

Iris Energy Team

Columbia Lake Technology Center is pleased to welcome Iris Energy to Canal Flats and to the province of British Columbia. A global company with a home base in Australia, Iris Energy has recently acquired PodTech, our data center fabrication and operation company.

Globally, we are seeing an unprecedented demand for data center infrastructure, and with that an increased demand for sustainable energy sources. Iris Energy brings together a team with deep industry expertise in construction, infrastructure, finance, technology and global energy markets. Their strength in renewable energy projects and commitment to sustainability aligns well with our local, provincial and federal commitments to clean energy. We look forward to the leadership they bring to this space.

For more information on Iris Energy:

Committed to community growth and development, the Iris Energy team has established a Community Grants program. The program will provide funding for local initiatives that aim to benefit the community over the long term. The application is available online at:


Welcome Iris Energy!